Plattekill Refresher

Sunday, October 29, 2017 (All day)

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Also, please do the online hybrid education refresher and bring completion certificate, along with your workbook.

HYBRID UPDATE (9/30/17):
There will be a change to the online Hybrid refresher that is going to be effective October 8th. Specifically, the Hybrid Refresher for Cycle A (Current cycle) will be changing in how it is formatted--and it is for the better. We have received many comments on how hard it is for some patrollers to move from module to module and that if they leave the course it does not take the patroller back to the last slide that was viewed.

So in response to the concerns, the modules will be merged into one file which will address the problems of going from module to module and the patroller will be able to leave the course and come back to the course and will be able to go to the last slide that was viewed. It should be much easier for everyone--starting on the 8th.

The downside to making this easier and better for the masses is that if you are in the middle of taking the course and have not completed the course prior to October 8th, you will need to go back and start at the beginning. If patrollers can wait till after October 10th to start the hybrid portion, please advise them to wait to start the course to ensure that the transition is in place and is working smoothly.

PLEASE pass the word along that if a patroller is taking the hybrid portion now, they need to have it completed prior to October 8th.

Thank you in advance for helping to pass along the information to make the transition a smooth one for our fellow patrollers.

Deb Endly

National OEC Program Director

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