Northern Catskill Refresher

Sunday, October 22, 2017 (All day)

Please register for the OEC refresher course: (opens in new tab)
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Note, once you enroll, you *must* add the courses to your cart, and 'cash out' your cart. There are no charges for these.

Also, please do the online hybrid education refresher and bring completion certificate, along with your workbook.
HYBRID UPDATE (9/30/17):
There will be a change to the online Hybrid refresher that is going to be effective October 8th. Specifically, the Hybrid Refresher for Cycle A (Current cycle) will be changing in how it is formatted--and it is for the better. We have received many comments on how hard it is for some patrollers to move from module to module and that if they leave the course it does not take the patroller back to the last slide that was viewed.

So in response to the concerns, the modules will be merged into one file which will address the problems of going from module to module and the patroller will be able to leave the course and come back to the course and will be able to go to the last slide that was viewed. It should be much easier for everyone--starting on the 8th.

The downside to making this easier and better for the masses is that if you are in the middle of taking the course and have not completed the course prior to October 8th, you will need to go back and start at the beginning. If patrollers can wait till after October 10th to start the hybrid portion, please advise them to wait to start the course to ensure that the transition is in place and is working smoothly.

PLEASE pass the word along that if a patroller is taking the hybrid portion now, they need to have it completed prior to October 8th.

Thank you in advance for helping to pass along the information to make the transition a smooth one for our fellow patrollers.

Deb Endly

National OEC Program Director

Hello, everyone! It is that time of the year with a chilly few nights, some light frost, and yes a dusting of snow in the higher mountains of the Northeast to remind us that our favorite season is just around the corner... A pre-season tease as September has rolled in.
Some have already started working on getting ready for this season as they’ve started OEC off in July with the Trainer Evaluator class, then in August the Instructor Trainer's met, and now September brings up the Instructor refresher. The behind the scenes efforts and education have not stopped to bring everyone a great refresher this fall.
I want to thank everyone who helps to make it a great season. We all want to welcome you to the 2017/2018 ski season.
This year is no different from the past few.
Our Northern Catskills Refresher @ Belleayre is Sunday October 22nd, 2017. It is registered course # E012170018.
Everyone needs to pre-register prior to that day and complete all requirements before the refresher. Anyone needing assistance needs to reach out and get it from an instructor.
Please refer to pages 2-4 of your workbook for details & responsibilities. We are doing the Hybrid format. If you do not have your workbook you can print one off the
If you do not pre-register or come unprepared for the Refresher, I cannot pass you and you will have to take a different refresher.
If you cannot attend the Belleayre/NCR Refresher on October 22nd, you will need to attend the Plattekill refresher or the Southern Catskill refresher. We have NO last chance refresher scheduled or planned this year. In the case your schedule can not fit one of these 3, please reach out and we can get you into an out of region refresher. Anyone attending another refresher other than, ours needs to notify the director as well.
Remember pre-register it helps with logistics to provide you with a quicker seamless day. The sooner the better...
Additional details will be out as it gets closer confirming times, location, and other details.

Contact information:
Andy Belcher IOR - 570-241-7757
Tom O'Brien NSC -
Robert Hamilton ITOR -
Roger Carlson Instructor –
Z-MAN and Joe Strauss - call patrol desk
FYI - it may take a few days for me to answer anyone back as I am assigned to the middle of nowhere in the northwest for wildfires with limited service along with being 3 hours behind you into October. Rest assure, myself or someone else will help you ASAP.
Stay safe. Think colder temps and lots of snow to make a great season, but don't forget to enjoy the fall. We will see you all very soon

Respectfully, Andy Belcher IOR, Joe Strauss PD, & the Refresher Staff

Belleayre Mountain
Highmount, NY
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Andy Belcher
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