Welcome to the Southern New York Region of the National Ski Patrol.

Congratulations to the following recipients of awards at the Spring 2018 Region Meeting, and welcome Kim Terwilliger as Region Director!

National Appointment: Tom O'B.
National Appointment: Steve G.
National Appointment: Bob Z.

Eastern Division Patroller Achievement Award: Jason O'D.
Eastern Division Patroller Achievement Award: Jim M.

Meritorious Service Award: Aiba D.
Meritorious Service Award: John S.
Meritorious Service Award: Hildy S.
Meritorious Service Award: Patricia B.
Meritorious Service Award: Roger C.

Yellow Merit Star: Rosina M.
Yellow Merit Star: C.T. W.
Yellow Merit Star: Janet H.
Yellow Merit Star: Mike M.

Distinguished Service Award: Donna K.
Distinguished Service Award: Jerald R.
Distinguished Service Award: Joseph L.
Distinguished Service Award: Ritch P.
Distinguished Service Award: Joe S.

Lifetime Member: Ritch P.

Mantle of command passed to Kim T.

The Southern New York Region is made up of 200+ dedicated men and women who adhere to the creed of "Service and Safety". As members of NSP, these men and women are dedicated to the outdoor recreation community and provide quality outdoor emergency care at ski areas within the Region.

Are you a fan of skiing, boarding Nordic skiing, winter camping, mountaineering or mountain biking?
Are you a provider of emergency medical care or want to be?
Are you interested in providing emergency care and mountain rescue?
Are you an active patroller seeking continuing education?
Welcome to the Southern New York Region…….perhaps we can meet your needs - Join us!